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List of Most Popular Parties

Here is our list of Parties. Be sure to come by and check out what we have to offer!

Party Theme

Known Characters in Style-some Acces-RED is most Popular in that Style

60’s Hippy Specific
Hippy, Bohemian Skirts, Tops, Beatles, Sonny, and Cher, Tie Die Tshirt, Bell Bottoms, PEACE SIGN Jewelry, Beads, VESTS, WIGS
70’s Disco Specific
Sat Night Fever Travoltas White suit, Shinny Sequin , Lame, Out There Design Shirts and Poly Pants , Ladies Disco Glitter Wear, Austin Powers , GOGO Dress’s Jumpsuits, Brady Bunch, Teased and afro’d WIGS
80’s Specific
Track Suits , Aerobic Workout Wear, MC Hammer ,T-Shirts, RockStars, Madona, Prince , Devo, Rapper , Punk, —NEON ButtonHats, Shirts, Belts , Sunglasses , Fabric patterns in Tiger, Zebra, Leopard , British and Us Flag, FANNY Packs
Clothing Parts and Pieces for Building your Own Character- Suspenders. Capes, Collars, Shirts ,Blouses, Button Front Pants, Oriental Sarongs and Gi’s , Karate, Buttoned and Detailed Long Coats and Short Jackets, Corsets, Jumbo Fluff Slips , Gloves, Hats , Clip-on Hair Ponys, Multiple Wigs
Cartoon Fairy Tale
Baby Dr Dentons, Dragons, Micky and Minnie, Fairie, Tinkerbell, Alice, Madhatter, Queen Hearts, Dweedle Dee and tweedle Dumb…Ariel , Jasmine, AladdinBeautys Bell Beast, Cinderella, Cruella, Dr Seuss Cat in the Hat, Grinch,Thing 1 and 2, Dr Who, 11th Dr , Snow White, Dwarfs, Flintstones, Frozen’s Elsa, Kristoff, Olaf, GhostBuster, Harry Potter, Jack Skellington, Lord Of The Rings, Mario, Luigi and Yoshi, Maleficent, Snow White, Prince, Moana, Ninja Turtles, Power Rangers, Red Riding Hood, Scooby-Doo, Fred, Shaggy, Velma and Daphney, Toy Stories-Wendy, Woody, Buzz, Mr. Potatoe Head, Wizard of Oz- Dorothy, Lion.,Scarecrow, Tinman, Glinda, Witch, Mayor.
Famous People
Elvis,Cheech and Chong, Assaissins Creed, Michael Jackson,Edward Scissorhands, Marilyn , Sherlock
Poodle SkirtPink Lady, Thunderbird faux leather Jacket, Saddle Shoes, Duck Tail and Bouffant Wig, Bowlin Shirt, Nerd, CarHop, Lucy, Prom Queen.. Fuzzy Dice, Ankle socks, Neck Scarf, CATEYE Glasses
Hawaiian Shirts, Grass Skirts, Flower Neck LEIS-headwraps, arm/anklets cuffs-Hibiscus ,Plumeria HairCombs…Beachcomber Straw Hat , Parrot , Shell and CocoNut Jewelry
Octoberfest BeerGirl, Frauline, Heidi , German, Lederhosen, Bavarian, Alpine, India Bollywood Sarong, English Nanny, Mary Poppins, Eskimo, Hansel, Gretchen, Kahki Safari Hunter, Scottish Kilt
Armour Knight,Maid Marion, Robin Hood,Crusader, Don Juan, Guinivere, Antoinette, Josephine,Juliet, Musketeer, Maiden, Serving Wench, Peasant, Rennaissance Faire Wear
Mardi Gras
Purple Gold And Green Costumes,Pieces
Comical Fat Suit, Doll, Morph Second Skinsuits all colors and sizes, Hammer, Saw, HotShit and More, Judge, LifeGuard, Old Lady/Man, Padded Body- Mermaid, Muscleman, Opry Star, Playboy Smoking Jacket, Couples Plug and Socket, Racecar Driver, Ringmaster, Lion Tamer, SchoolGirl uniform.
Asian – Oriental
Ninja, Karate, Kimono, Geisha, Madame Butterfly, Samuari, Sensei Master, Sumo Wrestler in Inflateable & Hoop- Nunchuka, Parasol, Fan, Coolie Hat
Pirate of the Carribean, Black Beard, Buckaneer,Wench, Lady Maiden Swashbuckler, Off Shoulder Blouse, Skirts,Knicker pants, Coats of many and Lengths- Skull Jewelry, Hook Hand, Shoulder Parrot, Bandana, HeadWraps,Sword, Blunderpuss Gun, Boots and Boot Tops,
NUNPriest, POPE, Padre, Angel, Jesus, Mary, Wisemen, Joseph, Sheppard, Monk, Rabi, Hats-Pope, Burnoose headpiece, Wings-sheer, Glitter, Feather, small to Jumbo , CROSS jewelry , Rosary
Toga,Cesar, Marc Antony, Gladiator, Hercules, Centurian,ZEUS, Spartan, Sparticus, Trojan Warrior, Cleopatra, Athena, Aphrodite, Grecian Goddess, Venus, Greek Statue, MEDUSSA, Eqyptian Pharoah , King TUT, Ramses, —body ARMOR, Helmits, Swords, Axes, Spears…Wrap Leg Shoes , Snake and Coin Jewelry, metal and Leather laceup Guantlets, Laurel Leaf head Wreath
Royalty – Kings and Queens
King Arthur-Henry GOT, Queen , Prince, Princess, Lrd, Napolean, Royal Maidens… Ermine lined Capes, Crowns- Foam, Metal, Jeweled, Tiaras, ROYAL Over sized Jewely, Staff, Medallions, Sceptors
Plague Dr, Fantasy SaloonGirl, –Tons and Tons of Clothing Pieces–Skirts–Ruffle, Pull String, Strip, Geared, Buckled, Blouses and Shirts –linen , velvet, Laced, ribbed, sheer, under and over garmet, Vests , COATS– Long, Short, Buckles, Gears, LaceUp, Velvet, Silk, Strip, Printed, BELTS,GOGGLES, SunGlasses, Face Masks,CORSETS–Basic, Wired, Boned, Leather, Lace, Size XS to 5X , Pants-Strip , Knit, Linen, Buttonfront Fly, Lace Trim, CHOKERS , GEAR Jewlery
Spanish Mexican
Matador , Zoro, PONCHO, Bandito, GYPSY, Senorita, Day of The Dead, Sombrero, Marachas, Bandolier Bullet Belt
Space and SuperHero
Antman,Batman,Robin, Joker, Harley Quin, Captain America, Captain Marvel, Deadpool, Flash, Halo, Heman, HULK, Irin Man, Mr and Mrs Incredible, SuperMan,SuperGirl, SpiderMan, STAR TREK , She-ra, STAR WARS– Chewy, Vader, R2D2, Jedi, Leia, Kylo, STORMTROOPER…THOR, Wolverine, Wonderwoman,ZENA, Astronaut, ALIEN, THEM Astronaut Helmits , Blowups
Typical Halloween
Dracula, Vampire, Horror Clown-Pennywise, JASON Coveralls, VooDoo/Killer Doll, Skeleton, Elvira, Evil Queen, Bride Frankenstien and Fran k , GHOST, Dead Bride&Groom, Freddie Krueger, Edward Scissorhands, MUMMY, Grim Reaper, SCREAM, WITCH, Hooded ROBES…Capes- Every Length ,Color, Fabric , Style available…..Brooms, Fangs, Chainsaw, Facial Prosthetics, Butcher Knife, Meat Cleaver, Machete
Sport Uniforms ,BOXER, Cheerleader,UMPIRE, WWF Wrestler, PomPoms
GangsterFlapper, Old Time Bathing Suit, Gun Moll, Bonnie&Clyde, Zoot Suit, Roaring 20s Strip Jacket, Straw Skimmer Hat , Keystone COP, Helmit Billy Club, Fedora, Cigarette Holder, 72″ Beads, Rhinestone HeadPiece, Fishnet Stockings, Gloves, Tommy Gun
Uniforms – First Responder
Chef, aprons, hat, Pilot, FIREMAN, Axe , helmit, Girl Scout, POLICE, badges, hats,handcuffs, SWAT and VEST, Prison Convict- Orange&Strip, Shackles, Ball&Chain, Ship Captain- hat , pipe, Stewardess, FBI Agent, SHIRTS, GUNS,METALS
Fur Pieces, Horned Helmits, Weapons
Cowboy/girl -Chaps, Vests, Skirts, Shirts, Blouses,Duster Coat, Gambler, HillBilly , Daniel Boone, 100’s of Hats, Bandanas, Bolos, Badges, Gun/ Holsters, Historical & Colonial Characters –Perfect For School Book Reports –Pilgrims, George & Martha Washington, Ben Franklin, Abe Lincoln, Mark Twain, Teddy Roosevelt, Einstein, Columbus,Thomas J… Lizzie Borden , Saloon CanCan Girl, Southern Bell Hoop Gown, Rhett Butler ] Tail Coat, Sheriff, Civil War Uniforms , RedCoat…
Santas Workshop
Reindeer, Snowman, SANTA SUITS–RENT —or Purchase-from Bar Crawl throw aways to Velvet Lined- also Boots/ Boot Tops, Belts/Buckles, Gloves up to XXL, Wire Glasses, Hand Bells,Toy Bags & Variety of BEARD/WIG sets Including High Quality… Mrs SANTA, ELVES, Reindeer, Snowman- Antlers, Scarfs,Wigs,Hats,Ugly Sweaters, VESTS, Curly toe Shoes

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I can always count on these guys to have everything I want.

And let’s face it, what others would wear on Halloween, I’d wear to work or just when I’m out and about. Of course, when fall hits and Halloween is right around the corner, this is THE place to go. Depending on where you live, there is another location in Danvers that is equally cool.

Ellen W., Wakefield MA